Creating queries

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  • Niels


    I am not able to see a dataset or dashboard for "Talk". How do I retrieve this data?

  • Patrick Bosmans

    Hello Niels,

    I have created a ticket on your behalf to get some account specific information.  You should be getting an email from us shortly.


  • Judd Higgins

    The article seems to be missing the link to the video "Creating queries (1:14)"  Am I missing something?


  • Rob Stack

    Hi Judd, thanks for the question. The video was removed due to product changes leading up to release. I've changed the article to remove the reference to it. I'm sorry for any confusion.

  • Celia Johnson

    This video looks to be very out of date, that's not what anything looks like in the interface.  Additionally, the steps below the video do not cover the same content as the video, which is unfortunate for folks who can't see the video or are hearing impaired, as there's also no captions. 

  • Beth Yoder

    Can anyone advise about visibility of queries? If we have many unrelated agents/ analysts/ managers creating internal reports and dashboards, is there a way to adjust settings so that we can only see certain reports/dashboards as we did in Insights? Thank you. 


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