Choosing and creating datasets

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  • Daniel Moross

    What if I want to create a query using data from two different connections. For example I want to look at Satisfaction by different criteria - requester locale, custom fields etc.

    Please help - I know Explore is a game changer for our report building, but can't get it to report on the data I want to see at the moment.

  • Vincent Dollet

    Hi Daniel!

    We are planning to introduce the possibility to join different connections later this year.

    Until then, don't hesitate to drop us a note at with use cases you can't address with the existing connectors.

    Kind regards


  • Zac

    I sent an email with a use case from our team.

  • Mary Paez

    A piece that has been missing for a long time is the reporting on KB article metrics:

    1. Draft & Published articles (not only thru Knowledge Capture appl)
    2. Growth of KB 
    3. Article counts
    4. # articles in any phase of a workflow
    5. # articles broken down by Agent (and groups of agents, regional teams)
    6. Participation rate (# tickets closed w articles / # tickets closed)
    7. # article accesses (views of KB articles from Guide portal) - break articles down by author, by most accessed, least accessed

    Also, these reports need to be able to be filtered by Month, quarter, annually.  Should have ways to group teams of Agents by region or product and report on each group

  • Tim Kyse

    HI, where do we stand with connecting two sets of data sets? I'm trying to create a dashboard that shows the # of tickets solved, AVG handle time of each ticket, and CSAT. I don't think I can currently do that.




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