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  • Nienke

    Where is data stored when you link it to your Explore account? EU, or US?

  • Ian Alexander

    Hi Nienke,

    Thanks for the question. During our Early Access Program data is stored in the US. After our General Availability release, customers will have the option to store their data in either the US or EU.

    2018-7-11 - Excited to update you and let you know that Explore is available both in US and EU, based on the location of you Zendesk instance.

  • Nienke

    Thanks Ian, and if I have the security add-on on my Enterprise plan, would that allow me to choose where I keep data?

  • Tony Dell'Ario

    Does opting into this program replace the current Reporting page in our Zendesk instance, or is it a separate environment? We'd like to make sure that by checking this feature out we'd still have access to our data and reporting presentation as it is in case we don't find this new feature satisfactory.

  • Andrew Forbes

    Hi Tony - Access to Zendesk Explore will not replace the current Reporting page in your Zendesk any time soon. Both reporting interfaces will run in parallel. 

  • Andrew Forbes

    Hi Nienke - Data storage is based on the location of your Zendesk Support instance, so if your Support instance is hosted in the EU, then your Explore data will be too. 

  • Justin

    Will Explore be replacing GoodData/Insights?

  • Chandra

    To follow up on Justin's question, if it does replace GoodData/Insights, will our existing reports be migrated or will we have to recreate them? Also, if we currently have a plan that includes GoodData/Insights reporting, will it include this solution or will we have to start paying extra for it?

  • Brooke Wayne

    Right now, it looks like it'll only work with Support and Talk data. Any plans to include Guide in this? There is no advanced reporting with Guide in GoodData/Insights, so I'm very curious to see if Explore will remedy that in the near future.

  • Vincent Dollet

    Hi Justin & Chandra - Explore will eventually replace GoodData / Insights.

    We are planning to release Explore Professional later this year. Any customer having access to GoodData at the time of the commercial launch will be grandfathered onto Explore Professional (i.e. no extra charge).

    We'll share more information on migration details & timeline shortly.

  • Vincent Dollet

    Hi Brooke - we have released reporting for Guide Answer Bot and Guide Knowledge Capture a couple of weeks back. In October, we'll introduce reporting for Guide Team Publishing and Chat. 

    And we are planning a lot more in 2019! Looking specifically at Guide, one of the key themes will revolve around content consumption. If you have particular use cases you'd like us to consider, don't hesitate to share them here:

  • Niels


    I'm trying to find my way around Explore.
    I have created some custom metrics in Gooddata, among which the time tracking metrics described in your HC recipe - but now I can't find them in Explore. The metrics are set to be public.

    Alternatively, when I tried to re-create this metric in Explore, I couldn't use the recipe that I used for Gooddata.

    Would you have any advice on this?

  • Stéphanie Motta

    +1 for Niels comment!

  • Rob Stack

    Hi, we have some information about calculated metrics at

    This does include a link to date and time metrics. Does this help at all?

  • Vincent Dollet

    Hi Niels & Stéphanie - we have an issue with the ticket fields created by the Time Tracking app. To be specific, their names include a '(' character, which is currently not supported. We are working on a fix - however I don't yet have an ETA. Thank you for your patience.

  • Mary Paez

    In the current ticketing UI, there is an option to Export # articles created for each support agent. It shows draft & published counts.  Is this also going to be added to explore.  This is a very important way to get a monthly and quarterly look at ownership of articles, growth of KB, and backlog (to be published).  

  • Hannah Meier

    Hi Mary,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    As part of Explore EAP, we currently enable reporting for the following Guide functionality:

    • Knowledge Capture, which aims at helping you understand how content is created or used by your team(s)
    • Answer Bot, which intends to help you understand how to maximize ticket deflection

    In addition, we are planning to release a Team Publishing dataset later this month.

    And we are planning a lot more reporting around Guide / Help Center next year. One of the key themes revolves around content consumption.

    Can you please share your request to be able to report on articles created by agent on this product feedback post? This is where we're keeping track of requests for enhancements to the Guide dataset.



  • Sari Siekkinen


    Have been trying to get agents to see Explorer but cannot see Explorer on their profiles to add.
    Is it even possible yet?

    Help pls, -sari-

  • Vincent Dollet

    Hi Sari,

    Thanks for reaching out. Can you please open a ticket: We'll then be able to look into your issue asap,

    Many thanks


  • Michael Brannin

    Do you know if once Explore is ready to go and replace insights/good data; is it going to be part of existing packages like Professional or Enterprise, or is it going to be an addon option like the recent side conversations feature? 

  • Vincent Dollet

    Hi Michael,

    Explore will come as a separate product with its own packaging. We're launching two plans: Explore Professional and Explore Lite.

    Explore Lite will offer best practice prebuilt dashboards, while Explore Professional will offer full customizations.

    Please note that existing customers on Support Professional or above will be grandfathered onto Explore Professional.


  • Jenesses Caberio

    Hi Vincent,

    I have support enterprise plan.

    If I activate explore, is it automatic I will get explore lite?


  • Jon Daniels

    Hey Jenesses!

    Since you are on Support Enterprise currently, you should be activated on Explore Professional.

    Let us know if this isn't the case!

  • Quentin

    Hi guys,

    I've been testing around Explore when it was in beta without putting to much time into it but I really like it!

    But now that's it's out of beta, I'm wondering if we can completely switch from GoodData to Explore?

    Is there any drawback to doing this? what would we lose in the process? What will be the advantages?

    Also is there a way to migrate our current Gooddata metrics, reports/dashboard to Explore?


  • Patrick Bosmans

    Hey Quentin,

    Currently our Explore team is in the process of working on a migration tool that will help accounts transition from Insights to Explore.  We don't have a firm eta on a release date for this but for users with interest in migrating early we have been connecting them to their Account Reps to look into early options.  

    I have pinged your Account Rep to try and connect with you since some of this link of questioning might involve personal account information.

    As for any drawbacks or what you might lose in the process, there are still a few features for custom metrics that are not yet active in Explore that are in Insights, but coming soon.  Again, your Account Rep can speak with you on your account specifics to help ensure that we cover all bases before processing a full migration.

  • Oliver Jackson


    How come I get the same data for Inbound calls, regardless of which date range I specify?


    Any suggestions?

    Big thanks!


  • Aviram Niron

    +1 for Niels comment! I depend on the time tracking, and having it in Explorer will be much helpful!!!

  • Barbara Schellekens

    Hello, me and my colleagues can't find the Explore functionality in Zendesk. Can somebody tell me where we can find it?

  • Amanda Wagner

    Vincent - is there any update on Explore using Time Tracking app data? This is the primary metric that we use for reporting, and if we can't report on this, we can't use Explore :(


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