Getting started with pre-built dashboards

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  • Kelly Johnson

    Can you export all tabs of a dashboard into one document?

  • Meghan Howard

    Is there a real-time dashboard that combines the channels of chat, talk, and new support tickets? All in once screen to help monitor?

  • Molly VS

    Hey Meghan,

    The default dashboards have filters for channel which allow you toggle the data between Chat, Talk, and Email. You could create your own dashboard using a custom query that breaks tickets out by channel to see them altogether in the same query.

    If you specifically wanted to look at queries from the different datasets side by side, that would also require a custom dashboard. The only tricky part there would be adding filters and making sure they were connected to the right datasets. For example, I created a sample dashboard using queries built from the Chat, Talk, and Support datasets. To ensure my filter was connected to all the queries, I went through and selected Ticket created - date from the chat dataset and then using the link with function, selected the same filter from the other two datasets:


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