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  • Ankit B

    Is there a trick to reset the sort options? In the advanced option, I am unable to remove sort on metric from the sorting options.

  • Jacob J Christensen

    I wondered the same as Ankit ^

    Couldn't find any way to deselect the metric, had to construct the report from scratch to be able to sort on attribute instead of metric.

    I expected to then be able to sort my column chart by date attribute, but that doesn't seem to work (see below).

    What I really want to do is get a plain chronological sorting of columns by Day of Week (and abbreviate the name of the day), on my planet the week starts on Monday - if I could set that right somewhere it would probably save me a lot of grief.

  • Kelly Johnson

    I'm having the same issue as Jacob^

    I want to be able to sort my table by create date showing the most recent first.  The only thing I am able to sort on is the metric.





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