Organizing values by groups and sets

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  • Inbal Romano

    Hi, Is there a way to delete or edit a group I created? 


  • Rob Stack

    Hi Inbal, once you create a group, it becomes a calculated attribute. You can then go into the data structure menu and delete these if you wish. See

    I'll update this doc soon to make this a bit clearer. Thanks!

  • William Chase Myer

    Is there anyway to add multiple custom groups to the same table/chart/or graph? I have been attempting this for some time and fail to do so successfully. Ex.) I would like to compare NE store locations (in one custom group) to SE store locations (in another group). When I try to add both of these custom attributes to the same table I receive an error stating, "No data available. Please check your calculations that you have set."

    Furthermore, some tags that ave been used within the past 7 to 30 days do not appear even when filtering with the specific tag. 

  • Candie Baring

    Hello William!

    For groups, please try making them all within the same attribute. It seems you have made one group for NE and one for SE. If these are exclusive groups, they can't be used together as no result can be in both. Instead, you should create two groups within the same attribute.

    Should you need further assistance, please send us an email to Have a great day!


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