Sharing dashboards through email

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  • Braiden Woodward

    Is there any way to share these via email to external email addresses like you can on Good Data? 

  • Christian Costello

    Also agree.  This is an import feature, email dashboards to external users, with our adoption of Explore.  Please add.

  • Heather R

    We keep getting failures when trying to email a dashboard:

    Your dashboard delivery has failed for the following tag "SLA Test Dashboard on Explore" and reasons: Your queries took longer than 10 minutes to execute. You can retry by clicking here.

    We've tried cloning the dashboard, taking out tabs, slimming down the date range, but it still times out. Any ideas?

  • Rob Stack

    Hi Heather, thanks for this. I've gone ahead and opened a ticket so this can be properly investigated. You should hear back soon.

  • Keela

    Agreed to the above. I was wondering if I may have been overlooking something.


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