July Updates: Data integrity improvements, dashboard viewer actions, an updated Support dashboard, and exciting new capabilities

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  • Adrian Meier

    Thanks for sharing the updates. I am disapointed regarding the dashboard sharing. So far, sharing with the public was possible - now it's just gone. 

  • Vincent Dollet

    Hi Adrian,

    We are actively working on collaboration features. Our goal is to make it simple to share dashboards with the rights recipients: internally or externally, Support agents or not.

    In that area, our current focus is to enable the community to not only share dashboards with groups, but also with any individuals in your Zendesk. This requires some significant changes of the underlying architecture and permission model. We have therefore decided to take the opportunity of the early access program to temporarily disable public sharing to make sure we build the right foundations.

    However, we fully understand the importance of that feature and we'll be able to re-introduce it in a future-proof manner as soon as the current effort is complete.

    Terribly sorry for the inconvenience


  • Michael Ross

    +1 For Adrian's comment. Allowing the public sharing of dashboards was a huge selling point for the transition over to explore. We use the reports to share with our internal teams (outside of our Zendesk instance) insight into several metrics for performance. Hoping to get this functionality back soon. 

    Regardless, thank you for the continued improvements to the platform. Explore is a much needed upgrade over the insights center. 


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