Metrics and attributes for Zendesk Talk

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  • Joan Ling

    Hi there,

    Can you please advise how the 'Call Answer Time - sec' metric is calculated. When does the calculation start, does it include recorded message(s) or does it start when an agent answers the call?




  • Patrick Bosmans

    The calculation starts when the call is connected in the system and ends when an agent picks up the call.  It does include the recorded message time.

  • Dane Berry



    I am trying to get calls by hour by day for interval reporting. I have my metric as D_COUNT (Inbound Calls), my column as Call - Hour and my Rows as Ticket Create - Date. I've tried several different configurations.

    It is showing a lot of calls during hours that we're not open, and 0 calls during hours that we are open. 

    Can you help me get number of calls for date/hour?

  • Joe Beaudoin

    Hi Dane,

    Thanks for your question!

    I was able to get a functional report by querying for D_COUNT (inbound calls), with attributes call - hour and call - date in the Talk Dataset.

    Remember that calls and tickets are not identical, as one ticket can have multiple call legs -- think about calls with transfers as a good example of a ticket that would have multiple call legs. I'd avoid using ticket created - date as an attribute for the query you are building.

    Consider your options for switching the attributes between column and row for getting the data to display the way you want. Don't forget that Explore displays data in UTC time inside the query builder:

    Your data might look strange at first glance if you haven't factored for timezones.

    I hope this helps!


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