Dashboard Sharing with Others


  • Jonathan Goodwin

    Seconded! I have to send a daily dashboard update everyday to an internal listserv and it's really frustrating to do duplicative work. Kind of a no-brainer to add this functionality, but I do appreciate the complexities of the product and understand it's in beta.

    I suppose there is a workaround to my situation where I'd create a user with the listserv's email address, but I shouldn't be required to pay for an extra license to share info directly with my team.

    Hear! hear! to the the embedded dashboards. That'd be really handy for my team.

  • Jillian S. Arthur

    Ditto to sharing outside of agents and embedding. 

  • Jeremy Heath

    Add me to this , ive made several posts already on needing this, if we could embed them into guide pages the customer can come and go as he likes to view his data

  • Tim Shannon

    Yes, I agree this would be very helpful for our org.

  • Jeremy Heath


    Is there any movement on this?

    If i have a customer inside my desk, they are already registered with me .

    So whats the difficulty in me being allowed to send a report direct to that customer within my system?

    Its secure because they are within the system.

    I cant do it to Agents because my agents dont get reports.


    So currently i have to invite my account on the publish section then send the report to myself then save it to my pc, then use the company email system to send it to a customer... what a PITA


    Please just allow internal customers to be able to receive these reports

  • Chris Bulin

    We also used this functionality in Insights and it would be very helpful to have it again rather than exporting and emailing that information out by hand on a monthly basis.


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