Inconvenience due to session expiring



  • Andrew Soderberg

    Ditto. This has happened to me as well, a couple of times. Next time it happens I will document the time and what/where in Explore query I was.

  • Jeremy Heath

    Yes i get this all the time, Im sitting pondering on how to get the queries to work together and i click to change something and the window refreshes and ive lost it.

    Please extend the time for the session its not like its a bank system we are just sat making reports

    Or give us the option we a login window that takes us back to where we were.


  • Bill Cicchetti

    I've also noticed this. It seems to be happening more often lately.  

  • Vincent Dollet

    Dear all,

    Many thanks for reporting this issue.

    While I can't commit to a resolution date yet, we have planned to work on this in Q2.

    Many thanks for your patience,

    Kind regards


  • Judd Higgins

    This happens to me multiple times a day.  I will be working in my dashboard and the page will refresh and take me back to the Dashboard Overview page completely interrupting my work :(


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